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About Us

eBricks was established in 2000 to serve the needs of LEGO enthusiasts around the globe and is located in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado at 124 N 7th Street.

eBricks is a family owned unofficial LEGO® distributor. We professionally supply millions of LEGO® parts, sets, instructions, minifigures and anything else LEGO® related to kids, kids at heart, corporations, resellers, collectors and schools. We take pride in taking stance with the original slogan at The LEGO Group,

 “Only the best is good enough”.

Prices Hard To Beat

Anything LEGO® branded, we are competitively priced!

Family Fun

Build awesome models or fill a Pick-A-Brick Cup™ at the different Creation Stations™ which contain over a million loose LEGO parts!

Great Gifts

LEGO® makes great gifts for any occasion!

Promote Your Business

eBricks has supplied LEGO® to some of the world’s most recognizable Fortune 500 companies. These companies were in need of custom sets or large amounts of elements for specific purposes. The state of the art eBricks system, with an inventory of 500 million elements, can pick as few as 20 or as many as 100,000+ mass-produced sets. Average turnaround on large pull orders is 6-8 weeks.

Have LEGO To Sell? Get Paid!

If you have a tub of loose random LEGO®, we’ll buy it back or give you store credit.  Just send us pictures and we’ll get to work on an estimate.

A small portion of eBricks focuses on replacing parts for individuals. We buy back LEGO® parts, instructions, sets, etc, to be able to have older parts on hand. If you have a tub of loose random LEGO®, we’ll buy it back or give you store credit if you’re still into the hobby.

Online Store

We are the world’s largest unofficial LEGO© distributor and have fulfillment capabilities you won’t find anywhere else. Want to build the Millennium Falcon? We have the parts. Want to build it in neon colors? We have the parts for that too. If you have any special projects you need help with sourcing give us a call or send us an email. 

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